Nobody Cares

   A while back, I was discussing with a friend of mine, and she was really miffed by the fact that when one is in a bad place and in need of help, the situation is only further aggravated by ‘fellow Nigerians’.   Let’s take a look at these case scenarios, maybe then the reason … More Nobody Cares


Saturday morning, jumped out of bed (no, this is not the lyrics of rude), and I took out my favourite dress to iron out. See, I had this very important party to attend. I was just so full of energy that I whistled all the way to where I wanted to iron out my lovely … More BURN

#Addictions 2

THE WORLD IS AN ADDICTION Gbam! That was the sound of my body hitting the cold hard ground. The first thing I noticed as I opened my eyes was not the chill in the air, or the other men, or even the collar around my neck- no! The first thing I noticed was that the … More #Addictions 2

Addictions-Confessions of an addict

  Completely washed out,oh yes,right now i feel faded. I’m drunk,high on something,maybe not what you  think .I hear the buzzing,the talking,the crying,the shouting,but nothing reaches me,because i’m floating on a cloud. oh the joy,the pleasure!You might call it decadence,but it just feels so right. Enough of this I can never get,quit,I don’t think i’m … More Addictions-Confessions of an addict

Hey everyone!I’m new at this,so i pray we get along well. I started this blog to reach out to people of all races,both sexes,facing lots of things.It is my way of giving something back to the world. My blog will feature my write-ups,hot topics,fashion and lifestyle,news,poems,stuffs on books….basically everything that can benefit us in one way or another.There is always something for everybody here.Have fun!!!God bless you.

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