Your Happiness,your Right

Ever felt like you need a particular something or someone to be happy,or if someone isn’t cool with you,then you can’t be happy? Or that you need a particular job or to live in a particular place to be happy. Well lovelies,I have good news for you. YOU DON’T.
Happiness is something we do for ourselves, a gift we give to ourselves. A gift that shouldn’t depend on people, or situations.
It is up to us to make ourselves happy. Search yourself and find what defines you. Discover the genius in you, and give the world a taste of that genius.
Life can be difficult,yes indeed, but in spite of everything,we need to see the light at the end of the tunnel
Smile!!!Don’t let anybody influence that. Remember,you are not fully dressed without a smile.
Lead a happy life,and watch yourself flourish.

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