Saturday morning, jumped out of bed (no, this is not the lyrics of rude), and I took out my favourite dress to iron out. See, I had this very important party to attend. I was just so full of energy that I whistled all the way to where I wanted to iron out my lovely … More BURN

#Addictions 2

THE WORLD IS AN ADDICTION Gbam! That was the sound of my body hitting the cold hard ground. The first thing I noticed as I opened my eyes was not the chill in the air, or the other men, or even the collar around my neck- no! The first thing I noticed was that the … More #Addictions 2

Addictions-Confessions of an addict

  Completely washed out,oh yes,right now i feel faded. I’m drunk,high on something,maybe not what you  think .I hear the buzzing,the talking,the crying,the shouting,but nothing reaches me,because i’m floating on a cloud. oh the joy,the pleasure!You might call it decadence,but it just feels so right. Enough of this I can never get,quit,I don’t think i’m … More Addictions-Confessions of an addict