Addictions-Confessions of an addict

  Completely washed out,oh yes,right now i feel faded. I’m drunk,high on something,maybe not what you  think .I hear the buzzing,the talking,the crying,the shouting,but nothing reaches me,because i’m floating on a cloud.
oh the joy,the pleasure!You might call it decadence,but it just feels so right. Enough of this I can never get,quit,I don’t think i’m capable of doing that.
My morning blends with my night,without a lot in between,just me floating on my cloud. Lazy mornings,long nights,bloodshot eyes,clouded mind -that is what i get. It might not seem like much to you,but it is my source of joy.
Sometimes,its hurts-just sometimes. Not been able to think about anything else,not been able to stop myself from not been able to think about something else. It makes my heart throb and not in a good way. It makes my head ache, and it lifts me right up,only to drop me. Every drop hurts much more than the one before it. At this point,i want to go back,but,i burned all the bridges.
My heart wants what it wants, so does the body. My heart and body wants different things. These things are as far as the sun is from the moon.
My heart longs for peace,for solace-no more splitting headaches and throbbing heart. But,my treacherous body wants to keep floating on that cloud. It wants to sail with the wind and sail even with a whirlwind.
It might be the end of me,it might be my undoing, but i’m incapable of stopping. So, my cloud keeps floating. That is my addiction,my wild addiction.

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