#Addictions 2

Gbam! That was the sound of my body hitting the cold hard ground. The first thing I noticed as I opened my eyes was not the chill in the air, or the other men, or even the collar around my neck- no! The first thing I noticed was that the floor was swampy, yet hard- how peculiar. Later, I got to know that was the least peculiar thing about this place I was.
  A trumpet blew, so hard and loud I thought my eardrums would burst, so loud it rattled the chains around my neighbors hands and legs. Chains- yes, we all had chains or collars. At the sound of the trumpet, we all started scurrying towards a large gate, as if in agreement, although no words passed between us yet. It felt like we just knew instinctively that the trumpet was calling us towards the gate, and we obeyed, no question asked.
  I’m naturally inquisitive, so I wanted to know why I was here, why I was obliging a trumpet’s sound, and finally- why I had a collar made of pure gold around my neck. I tried to talk, but I couldn’t form the words I was thinking. It was like I no longer had a tongue. I felt for my tongue, it was very much in place, just useless. So, I proceeded to the large gate, dread filling every available space in my heart.
   Inside the gate, i was finally able to see my companions properly- ignorance is bliss they say, I finally understood. Every man had an identifier- a different identifier. One man had a head way too big for his body, another man had a mouth that looked like the opening to a cave – Every man to his own. With even more dread, I looked down at myself- Arrrrgg!!!! I screamed out loud at what I saw! I noticed three things all at once. First, my skin was completely rotten, second, I found the use of my tongue, and third, my companions were oblivious to my plight.
  I asked the man next to me- he looked remarkably normal. I asked him “where are we? What is going on here??” He looked at me as if I asked him the most obvious thing in the world. In a slightly bored tone, and with a look that said he already answered that same question, he said-“It’s judgement day” Those four words knocked the breath- literally.
    We fell in order in front of a gigantic throne, and not too long, a ball of light – yes, a ball of light called my name. Rodger!
     With shaky legs, I walked towards the ball of light seeing nothing but the light ahead. In a voice that made me want to spill every truth I knew, it said-“ During your stay on mortal soil, you enjoyed everything the land had to offer. You spoilt yourself in every imaginable way. You didn’t yourself of anything you wanted. Once you wanted it, you went ahead to satisfy that desire, regardless of who you had to hurt in the process. You broke all the laws in the book without a care in the world. You forgot completely about this day, the day of reckoning. You committed adultery, you used every hard drug you could lay your hands on, your motto was YOLO! In fact, you were the epitome of decadence. Even your soul sought solace, wanted a little break from the decadence of your life, but you denied it the opportunity. Have you forgotten you will return here someday? Have you forgotten you don’t control your life, that we are in charge? Speak mortal! Defend yourself!!”
  I fell to my knees with tears in my eyes. I tried to defend myself, but there was nothing I could say- once more, my tongue failed me.
   That is all I can recollect of this particular life-like dream I had.
  Alone now with my thoughts, my pen and paper, I can think rationally  about my life. Indeed, I have being living a rotten life. I have almost no sense of morality. But, is it my fault there are too much good things in the world? Is it my fault I want the best of everything? Is it my fault that everything that is ‘bad’ appeals to me? Is it my fault I get too caught up in having fun that I don’t leave time out to cleanse my soul? Damn! The world really is an addiction, and I’m high on it. I can’t think of anything else but the money, I can’t think of anything else but all the pleasure there is to be had. In fact, I don’t even think about the fact that I’m going to die someday. It’s like the best dope ever made. I’m addicted to the world, and all it’s pleasures. I need rehab, where do I find my rehabilitation?

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