Saturday morning, jumped out of bed (no, this is not the lyrics of rude), and I took out my favourite dress to iron out. See, I had this very important party to attend. I was just so full of energy that I whistled all the way to where I wanted to iron out my lovely dress. I was bustling with so much energy that I didn’t even bother to regulate the iron. Don’t let me bore you with the gory details; my beautiful dress had an irreparable hole in the middle when I was done. What I mean to say is that it got BURNT.
No actually, this is not a story of my dress, or the hole in the middle. It is about your life, yes, you. So many times in life, we get so carried away by the buzz that we lose track of everything. We lose focus and place ourselves in a precarious position. In the end, we end up with a BURN.
It could be parties, friends, love, addictions, whatever, but if we fail to regulate the situation, take charge, and proceed with caution, there is no escape from the irreparable damage we could cause to ourselves, and maybe even to those around us.
What has regulation got to do with anything? Well, I can tell you that without regulating everything In our lives, we would be living in chaos. Even the human body has a regulatory system. Regulating the activities in our lives keeps everything in perspective, keeps us on top of our game, and prevents us from getting burn marks.
Remember my dress? Well, now it’s in a trash bag, on its way to the incinerator. That might as well be someone’s life ambition, and just like that, gone! (It looks like I’m still bitter from my loss)
So guys, take caution, take charge, open your eyes and your mind. Regulate that iron and smoothen out your life.

4 thoughts on “BURN

  1. Adesewa on BURN..

    This is so true.. I mean It applies to everyone and I am so glad someone actually thought of this… keep this up and keep making the notes brief otherwise people may get bored of the story… This is a precise message..

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