Nobody Cares

   A while back, I was discussing with a friend of mine, and she was really miffed by the fact that when one is in a bad place and in need of help, the situation is only further aggravated by ‘fellow Nigerians’.
  Let’s take a look at these case scenarios, maybe then the reason for her annoyance will be clear- an annoyance which I completely share.
We were returning from a trip, and halfway to our destination, a torrential downpour started. On getting to the park, the bus driver asked everybody to ‘jade jade jare!’. Need I point out that there was no immediate place to run to for shelter, so you basically cannot run anywhere without getting thoroughly and completely drenched. But, did the driver care? Hell no- he still turned all of us out into that pouring rain.
After the ordeal with the heavy rain, with our clothes clinging to our bodies- not very appropriately too if I might add, and our luggage, we proceeded to get a cab to our final destination( the rain was by then a mere drizzle), only to discover that our very own cabu cabu men have taken it upon their able selves to increase the t-fare dramatically, or should I say outrageously. I was like ‘WTH! It rains heavily, people are trying to get to their places of abode, and the only contribution they could make is to increase the friggin T-fare???’
Now, this case scenario is not attached to the first two, but it completely emphasizes my point here. A female hostel was harassed by a couple of wild boys, an incident that left the girls traumatized . Now, some of the girls had to eat at some point, yeah? You know what the food seller did? She increased the price of a pack of noodles from #200 to #250. What in the world is that extra money going to do for her? Young girls were traumatized and the first thing that came to her head was “Light bulb! I should increase the price I sell my food”
You see my point here?
   We all ask for change, no, pardon me- we demand for change. What we have forgotten is that it’s not only our leaders that word applies to, it applies to us too. We have become a people that turn other peoples’ agony into our milking cow! Messed up, yeah?
Our country cannot progress if we keep this attitude. We all are neighbours, because we kinda have to share this planet together. So, we might as well start looking out for our immediate neighbours.
  I’m pretty sure I’m not being delusional here. You guys might have experienced something like this, or seen, or heard. Let’s here it.

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